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Internet Banking Upgrade FAQ

On November 17th Signature Bank completed a system upgrade to its internet banking. The change, to deliver a more robust internet banking package, has yielded the “frequently asked questions” provided below. Please review the below in the event that you can not immediately reach your banker or Client Care for assistance.

Signature Bank hopes that you enjoy your new internet banking experience which features the following:

  • Additional security layers (Passmark), which have been implemented to comply with mandated regulatory guidelines
    • Two layer password verification
    • Ability to “register” your computer
    • Date and time of last log-in display
  • Running balance with transaction history
  • Account Nicknaming
  • Electronic bill payment to non-business payees, using their routing number
  • Pay multiple bills from one screen
  • Pay bills from various accounts
  • Transaction research requests
  • Online stop payment requests
  • Easier to read transaction summaries
  • On-screen help – look for yellow question marks


  My password is being displayed in the Passmark box, even though I still need to key in my password. Why is it showing beneath the picture I selected?

Your username or password is being displayed because you entered that as the identifying word for your image. To change your identifying word, we will need to reset your password ask that you re-enroll in Passmark. The next time through, please select a word different from that of your username or password. To reset your password, please contact client care at 646-822-1500.

  On the prior version of internet banking, I had restricted activity on my accounts by selecting a "view only" option with my banker. On this new version, full functionality has been restored to my accounts, including transfers and such. How can I restore my original settings?

Please contact client services at 646.822.1500 or email with your username and the last four numbers of accounts that are to have restricted functionality.

  The first line of my account title no longer appears in the account listing view. Rather I see the last four numbers of an account number. How can I re-title my accounts?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the good news is that the new system allows you to customize their account listings with account nicknames, rather than just your proper account title. For clients who don’t know which number matches to what specific account, you may contact either your banker, Client Care/Services (866-822-1500), or review a past bank statement to see the account title and the number. With that information, you can assign new nicknames to your accounts to more easily recognize them in the future.

  I previously suppressed the appearance of certain accounts in the account summary, but some accounts have reappeared with the change to new internet banking system. How can I re-hide, or suppress the view of specific accounts?

To fix this, please send an email to with your username name only, and list the accounts you wish to view. Exclude the accounts you do not wish to view from the list.

  My attorney escrow sub accounts that were previously not viewable in the older version of internet banking are now visible. Does this mean that I can do, or have to do my own transfers between sub-accounts and the master account?

This does not mean that clients are required to manage their transfers online. Those clients wishing to return to their previous view, may contact client care at 646-822-1500 or send an email to Please mention only your online “username” and your client name in the communication if sent by email and alert the bank to specific sub-accounts you do not wish to view (use last four numbers of account number only) or simply state, “I do not wish to view any sub accounts through internet banking.” Note, clients requesting such a change, may need to have their password reset to complete the change.

  Will I be able to use my existing username and password?

Yes. All usernames and passwords will remain the same.

  Will I still be able to login to Online Banking at

Yes. Our new redesigned website will have a link to the new login page for Online Banking. You can either bookmark the home page or the login page directly.

  What if I have a problem accessing my account information?

If you have a problem logging in, please call Client Care immediately at 866-sigline (744-5463) Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm.

  What is the first thing I should do after logging in?

The first thing we recommend you do after logging into the new system is to update your personal information, i.e. email address and phone number. To do this, click the Change User Preferences link located in the My Details section on the left side navigation menu. The email address is used for optional Bill Payment alerts. A default email address has been used to temporarily populate this field.

  How can I access Bill Pay?

Bill Pay can be accessed by clicking the My Bills link located on the left side navigation menu.

  Will all of my payee information be transferred to the new system?

Yes. All payee information will be transferred to the new system so there is no need for you to re-enter any information.

  What if I have payments scheduled to be paid?

All scheduled payments, no matter how far in advance, will be transferred to the new system and be made as per your original instructions.

  Will my recurring payment model instructions be transferred to the new system?

Yes. All recurring payment models will be transferred to the new system and will be made as per your original instructions.

  Will my payment history be transferred to the new system?

No. Unfortunately we will not be able to transfer your payment history. However, you can print or export your current payment history to a spreadsheet or csv file and keep it as reference. To export your payment history, access Bill Pay on the current system, select Payment History, click Export and follow the onscreen instructions.

  What if notice an issue with one of my payments?

If you notice a problem with any of your scheduled payments, payees, or recurring payment models please call Client Care immediately at 866-sigline (744-5463) Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm.

  Is there any difference in how my Bill Payments will get processed?

The most significant difference in how Bill Payments get processed is with regards to check payments. All Bill Payments that are remitted via check will be drawn on your Signature account and therefore will be debited from your account when the payee receives and deposits the check.

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