Investment Advisory Process

Flagstar Advisors’ advisory process is anchored in a robust information gathering stage.

During an initial consultation, a Flagstar Advisors Financial Advisor works directly with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your personal and business financial situations, as well as the nuanced interplay between personal wealth and that of your business(es). Your Financial Advisor takes into careful consideration your goals, family, business, retirement, gifting strategies and more. The result – a clear picture for you, and your Financial Advisor, of a complex relationship.

When the information gathering discussion has been exhausted, your Financial Advisor will then present you with an investment management plan that details portfolio allocation, projected cash flow, assets, expenses and net-worth over time, while accounting for variables such as retirement, planned sale of a business or property, and business succession.

After this thorough assessment of your financial situation, implementation begins. This stage of the investment management process often involves a reallocation of a portion of investible assets as well as the drafting of pertinent documents, such as buy-sell agreements, and other estate planning tools. Implementation, however, does not mark the end of the dialogue with your Financial Advisor. The advisory process continues with regular follow-up and progress evaluation. As a Flagstar Advisors advisory client, you will receive regular reports regarding your investments. Moreover, your Flagstar Advisors Financial Advisor will initiate frequent conversations about the changing needs of your personal and business interests.

For more advanced investment advisory information, please view our "Asset Management" section.


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