SBA Loan Sales & Pool Investing

Signature Securities Institutional Trading Group, with an office in Houston, TX, ranks as one of the largest SBA pool assemblers in the nation.[1]

In its role as a market maker for SBA loan pool investments and as a leading fixed-income solutions provider, Signature Securities caters to the complex financial needs of investment managers of banks, pension funds, credit unions, insurance companies, and investment advisors by providing the following:

  • SBA loan pools (investing in these products is often CRA-positive)
  • Government agency products
  • Mortgage-backed securities
  • Derivative products
  • Portfolio analysis and portfolio tracking
  • Direct access to a specialized fixed-income trading desk


Learn more about the potential advantages of investing in SBA Loan Pools.


Financial institutions interested in divesting their SBA Loans can click here to learn more about the advantages of selling SBA Loans.

To contact Signature Securities' Institutional Trading Group, please call toll-free at 1.866.750.7150.